Amphora Collar

Amphora Collar

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This collar necklace was inspired by the ancient Mediterranean vessels that stored and carried goods like grain and wine - an OHME Shop favorite - and recalls their richness and abundance through its light-catching, rounded shapes.  The forms of these overlapping circles bring depth and weight to a piece that is easy to wear and moves with you.  Worn with a plain t-shirt or to highlight some deep decolletage, the Amphora collar is a versatile and expressive statement necklace.  

The Amphora Collar is made by hand and may have some slight variation from the images shown.  The larger circle has a diameter of three inches, and the length of the chain with center piece is fifteen and a half inches, with two additional inches to adjust.  It is made with polished brass and will develop a patina over time.  Each necklace is made to order and will take between 1-3 business days to ship.


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