About OHME

OHME began in the fall of 2014, over the course of many late nights and with a few simple tools, ideas, and glasses of wine.  Since then the tools have gotten a bit more complex and the ideas have gotten a little bigger, but at its core OHME is still the product of our dedication and love for the work we do.  

We strive to make pieces that are beautiful and easy to wear, and that embody our feminism, optimism, and even our sense of humor.  As we continue to grow and create, we hope you will find new pieces to love amongst our old favorites.  

Mia Stephenson is OHME's founder and chief fabricator.  She has been making jewelry since she was old enough to stop eating beads, and cherishes her time spent forming metal into wearable statements to send out into the world. 

Originally operating as The Drift Designs, Mia wanted to find a name that embraced her history and influences and left room for new growth and evolution.  OHME is the combination of her grandmothers' initials, and for us it is a celebration of the women that shaped us and started us down our path today.